**error about instance**

Hello i am using camunda-bpm-tomcat-7.13.0 and i am trying to instanciate my workflow(created in modeler) in cockpit. So when i press play (on the high bar in modeler) i receive this error about instantiation. But how really don’t know how resolve it, or better says that i don’t know at what is referred.
the error is the following:

Cannot instantiate process definition NameJavaProject:3:baf6a7d4-0a15-11eb-845b-402343447967: ENGINE-09008 Exception while instantiating class ‘/NameJavaProject/src/main/java/com/package/NameJavaProject/service/ValidatorTask.java’: ENGINE-09017 Cannot load class ‘/NameJavaProject/src/main/java/com/package/NameJavaProject/service/ValidatorTask.java’: /NameJavaProject/src/main/java/com/package/NameJavaProject/service/ValidatorTask.java

Can you take a look at the Style Guide? It’ll help you understand how to format code correctly and also help you create questions that are easy to understand and also easier to answer :slight_smile:

yes, sorry

is it ok now ? @Niall

You should be using the qualified name of the class which will not have / in it it’ll look like this:


But i don’t know what it is exactly you should be able to find out by right clicking on the class

i did it, but the error keep stay.

Can you describe exactly what you did in your attempt to fix the problem and what happened that caused the error again?

i’ll try.
i delete from “properties panel” the java class, so i made a “copy and paste” of the qualified name of the class.

Can you show me what you pasted and also - did you redeploy the model?
Did you start a new instance after redeploying?

yes, i did a new deploy but the new istance doesn’t start… here is the error.
this is what i paste. the qn of the class.

/Test/src/main/java/com/package/Test/service/ValidatorTask.java <<<

That’s the file location - not the qualified name.

ok… i didn’t understand this little step :smile: :smile: :smile:
iìm gonna trying.

update: now i have not anymore problem with the classes (thank you for the tip) but the error persist in the impossibility to instance:

Starting instance failed [ start-instance-error ]

upadte, nothing to do he cannot read the class and consequently he can not istanciate

How are you deploying the model and classes?
Are you creating a WAR file and deploying it to an application server?

yes of course.
About the war file, i am using theìopen source version… so i put it in the floder


in cockipt i see all the deployment, but really i don’t how to istanciate it. It gives me always error.