Error in Building Camunda 7.21.0 Alpha-5: Package org.camunda.bpm.impl.juel.jakarta Missing

Dear Camunda Community,

I hope this message finds you well. As a junior Java developer diving into Camunda 7, I’ve encountered an issue while attempting to build the latest 7.21.0 alpha-5 release from the Camunda repository on GitHub. Despite successfully completing the build process using mvn install -DskipTests, I encountered an error upon attempting to run the application, specifically within the file.

The error pertains to a missing package named org.camunda.bpm.impl.juel.jakarta. This package appears to be referenced in multiple locations within the engine-dmn subproject. Despite my efforts to resolve this issue independently, I have not been successful in finding a solution through online resources.
Here is a snippet of the error message for reference:

java: package org.camunda.bpm.impl.juel.jakarta.el does not exist

I kindly request the assistance of the Camunda community in resolving this issue. Any insights, guidance, or solutions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and assistance in advance.

if you’re concerned with my java version its Java 17 and i use maven version 3.9.6

Best regards
Ahmed Zahloote