Error: No process definition or execution matches the parameters

Hi all. I have a problem about Message Event
This is error message:
ENGINE-16004 Exception while closing command context: Cannot correlate message 'receive_callback_from_is':

receive_callback_from_is: Message name

message name



Pls.Can someone help me why the error happen?
Best Regards

This is design:

I’m using call activity and already check business key

Hi @Hung_Viet,

usually you find a reason below this line:

Most times it says “no execution matches the parameters” or “two(or more) executions matches the parameters”

What is it in your case?

Hope this helps, Ingo

Hi @Hung_Viet,

Oh, I found your case in the headline. In generally it means that the process instance hasn’t reached the message receive event when you send the message correlation.

Where do send the message correlation from?

Thanks for your reply

I’m using camunda-rest-client-spring-boot and call createMessageCorrelation in RuntimeService

i run sometime succeed but sometime i get error

Hi @Hung_Viet,

it’s a matter of timing. The challenge of Message correlation is to deliver the message only when the token reached the message event.

You could follow the process instance in Cockpit. To handle the issue in real life, you have to react on the MismatchingMessageCorrelationException and maybe move the message into an error message queue of your messging infrastructure or ask the user to try to deliver the message later.

What invokes your spring boot rest client?

Hope this helps, Ingo

Hi @Ingo_Richtsmeier
Thanks for your suggesion. I’ll try add try-catch and retry the message correlation. i have also checked the process instance in Cockpit and see the workflow stop on Message Correlation. you can see image bellow