Error: "not subscribed to a signal event"

Hi all,
I’m getting the following incident error and wondering how I can resolve it:

Incident error:
org.camunda.bpm.engine.ProcessEngineException: Execution 'f31f3153-8630-11e8-a512-365777ad90b3' has not subscribed to a signal event with name 'Mysignal-123'. is empty

BPMN xml code for the execution listener that is throwing the signal (where bpm_process_execution is a variable that contains the execution id for the current execution):

<camunda:executionListener event="end">
          <camunda:script scriptFormat="javascript"><![CDATA[// throw signal
execution.getProcessEngineServices().getRuntimeService().signalEventReceived("Mysignal-123", bpm_process_execution);]]></camunda:script>

BPMN xml code for the signal:
<bpmn:signal id="Signal_0rxxh4x" name="Mysignal-123" />

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Update: So I changed the event that is throwing the signal from an intermediate timer event to a script task, and the signal is successfully throwing without incident. Any idea why? Should I avoid using listeners on timers to throw signals?

Hi @Rob1,

can you please share your BPMN process?

Best regards,

Sorry, I didn’t save the code. No need to dig any further here. I’m content knowing that I shouldn’t use listeners on timer events. Thanks!