Error on a graphql query result

Hello eveyone,

I have a graphql call that looks like,

query performance($groupId:[Int]){performance(ids:$groupId){employeeId}}

The result will be fed into a list like so,


The data structure returned via the graphql call looks like,

  "data": {
    "performance": [
        "id": "1",
        "employeeId": 2,
        "firstName": "Peter ",
        "middleName": "John",
        "lastName": "David",
        "preferredName": "Peter ",
        "businessEmail": "",
        "profilePicture": null,
        "role": {
          "id": "2",
          "employeeRoleTitle": "Testing Expert"
        "employeeRoles": null

The error on operate is ,

failed to evaluate expression '{employees: result.performance,found: false}': context contains no entry with key 'performance'

I did try, as the variable assignment value, the error on operate when trying that one is,

failed to evaluate expression '{employees:,found: false}': no variable found for name 'result'

what am i missing here ?

Thank you