Error Process Engine Exception Condition expression returns non-Boolean

Hello Guys, I am new to this Camunda and is struggling with the following issue:
condition expression returns non-Boolean: result has class java.lang.String and not java.lang.Boolean

I have tried to pass a hardcoded value to the 3 variables in the Activity_1x137y9. But it still fails with this error.

Following is the BPMN. Please let me know in case you guys need some more details from me to help me with this:
ADMT Jetski License Request.bpmn (65.0 KB)

Thanks in Advance.
Muhammad Ayub.

@FreshDev1 There are more than 1 outgoing sequence flows are connected to same activity and which doesn’t have the condition itself.

@aravindhrs thank you for your reply, I am not sure why it is appearing like this to you. But all the sequence flows have appropriate conditions. The problem is that issue doesn’t occur at this stage. It occurs before this.
Please see the Camunda Engine snapshot:

Engine Error Snapshot:

Hope this helps.

Ok so I figured it out the issue was in the expression after this stage.

I had expressions put in the individual flows as:
${craftDetail.marineCraftCategoryId == “22d30a03-5ec9-422c-b3fd-sdffwe234”} and ${craftDetail.marineCraftSubCategoryId == “615927f6-7082-4602-9180-sfji34r345ji”}

this was failing, I updated them and it started working now.
${craftDetail.marineCraftSubCategoryId == “615927f6-7082-4602-9180-4ddf5deddc99”}

Hope this helps some one.