Error starting Camunda server due to late loading of PostgreSQL database

Our Camunda server 7.20 running in a Docker container and PostgreSQL database in another container in same Docker with Camunda. After rebooting the Ubuntu server, an error occurs loading Camunda due to the fact that the PostgreSQL database has not loaded by this time. Are there any Camunda tools, configuration settings or other solutions to this problem?

27-Mar-2024 12:33:38.741 INFO [main] org.apache.catalina.core.AprLifecycleListener.lifecycleEvent The Apache Tomcat Native library which allows using OpenSSL was not found on the java.library.path: [/usr/lib/jvm/java-17-openjdk/lib/server:/usr/lib/jvm/java-17-openjdk/lib:/usr/lib/jvm/java-17-openjdk/../lib:/usr/java/packages/lib:/usr/lib64:/lib64:/lib:/usr/lib]
27-Mar-2024 12:33:39.252 INFO [main] org.apache.coyote.AbstractProtocol.init Initializing ProtocolHandler ["http-nio-8080"]
27-Mar-2024 12:33:39.308 INFO [main] org.apache.catalina.startup.Catalina.load Server initialization in [1138] milliseconds
27-Mar-2024 12:33:39.453 SEVERE [main] org.apache.tomcat.jdbc.pool.ConnectionPool.init Unable to create initial connections of pool.
	org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: FATAL: the database system is starting up
27-Mar-2024 12:33:39.455 WARNING [main] org.apache.naming.NamingContext.lookup Unexpected exception resolving reference
	org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: FATAL: the database system is starting up	

catalina.2024-03-27_log.yaml (37.2 KB)
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