Error while data export through Hazelcast

Hello, I am using Zeebe 8.2 with hazelcast as exporter. Also using Zeeqs for getting stored data and everything is deployed in k8s.
When a query is sent through zeeqs to fetch the stored data, hazelcast gives below error.
ERROR 1 — [pool-1-thread-1] : Failed to deserialize Protobuf message at sequence ‘105155’

Any suggestions?

Hi @renuka_choudhari - the Hazelcast exporter is a community maintained project, not an official Camunda product; my first guess is that the Protobuf schema needs to be updated. (I admit, this just an educated guess, as I haven’t used this package myself.)

If you’re willing, you could submit pull requests to update both and I can get the PRs approved!

Thanks @nathan.loding .
But I think, this is issue with Hazelcast exporter version ( really not sure). Because, all these queries are running in local machine, where the infra is zeebe 8.0.2 (embedded gateway) , hazelcast exporter 1.1.0.
Moreover one query in K8s is running fine ( without protobuf error). The other one is giving this error. In K8s Hazelcast is deployed on a seperate pod and remote_address env variable specifies the pod address. All this wiring ( zeebe - hazelcast - ZeeQs) is perfect ( since one query is giving response).

@renuka_choudhari - just want to clarify, are you running 8.2 or 8.0.2? I still suspect it’s some sort of version mismatch, but like I said, I haven’t used this package myself so it’s just a guess.

I have restarted all the components and the protobuf error has gone. Before this, just made hazelcast exporter version to 1.1.0 ( which I use in local).