Error while deploying DMN digram


Created DMN digarm using desktop modeler, trying to deploy same on “Camunda Platform 8 self managed”, getting error while deployment

Command ‘CREATE’ rejected with code ‘INVALID_ARGUMENT’: Expected to deploy new resources, but encountered the following errors: FEEL expression: failed to parse expression ‘’: Expected (ifOp | forOp | quantifiedOp | disjunction):1:1, found “” [ deploy-error ]

found few post on simlar error but look like for latest version which i am using this has been resolved, still i am getting this error. please let me know if i am missing anything here

Camunda Modeler system information

  • Version: 5.1.0
  • Operating System: Windows 10 amd64
  • Plugins:
  • Execution Platform: DMN - Camunda Platform 8

Hi @nirav,

Can you please share your dmn definition.

Hello @hassang ,

PFB xml, trying simple DMN for POC

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<definitions xmlns="" xmlns:dmndi="" xmlns:dc="" xmlns:modeler="" id="Definitions_1eek10b" name="DRD" namespace="" exporter="Camunda Modeler" exporterVersion="5.1.0" modeler:executionPlatform="Camunda Cloud" modeler:executionPlatformVersion="8.0.0">
  <decision id="DecisionForNextWorkUnit" name="DecisionForNextWorkUnit">
    <decisionTable id="DecisionTable_0chxxyi">
      <input id="Input_1" label="OrderType">
        <inputExpression id="InputExpression_1" typeRef="string">
      <input id="InputClause_1gc0xvo" label="CurrentWorkUnit">
        <inputExpression id="LiteralExpression_1ycfjgs" typeRef="number">
      <output id="Output_1" name="NextWorkUnit" typeRef="number" />
      <rule id="DecisionRule_1j1ft21">
        <inputEntry id="UnaryTests_0gumjx4">
        <inputEntry id="UnaryTests_18qyf5f">
        <outputEntry id="LiteralExpression_0jzhaez">
      <dmndi:DMNShape dmnElementRef="DecisionForNextWorkUnit">
        <dc:Bounds height="80" width="180" x="160" y="80" />

Hello @hassang ,

One more point to add, while i am adding details for input, it doesn’t show me all options showcase here , Is it not available for self managed version ? OR I am missing something here ?

PFB screenshot from DMN I have created,


Hi @nirav,

You only specified values for input labels whereas you should specify values for input expressions.

The missing options are related to Camunda 7 platform. (For example: the “Expression Language” option doesn’t show up when platform 8 is selected because only FEEL language is supported in platform 8)

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Thanks @hassang , able to deploy DMN now.

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Hello ,

this is regarding the missing options related to Camunda 7 platform (Expression Language & Input Variable) in newer version of Camunda will be incorporated in coming days to support different languages other than FEEL. May be like PYTHON,JQUERY?

Thanks in Advance

Hi @Subramanya_Mulgund,

as the languages you mentined are not free of side effects, it’s unlikely that a service provider would like to have them on their cluster.

FEEL is a functional language without side effects. Python would open the door for remote code execution with DMN evaluation.

Hope this helps, Ingo