Escalation Code - Escalation Boundary Event Interupting

I have created an Escalation Boundary Event(Interrupting) with an escalation code on an activity.

I started the process and created a task on running activity. Now I want to call task/{task-id}/bpmnEscalation to end the whole process for that I need to send an escalation code.

How to get escalation code at runtime, I do not see the code stored in any of the tables.


Maybe you can provide an example with an explanation of what you’re trying to achieve. The escalation code should be defined on your boundary event at design time. Calling the bpmnEscalation endpoint on the task API would report an escalation in the context of that task, identifying the handler by the code you configured.

I think you will have to use the repository service and fetch the process model. And then parse/analyse it.