Evaluate a Json with an Expression

Hi there!

I’m calling rest service through connector and my payload is like below
“name”:“Augusto Soncini”,

But I dont know how to use the Expression to evaluate the response in a Sequence Flow.
I already try differents options like #{$response.loanId == ‘FM1001’} but seems that is not a valid expression.

Does anybody know how can I evaluate this values without using Java classes?Is it possible?

Thanks in advance!

@Niku you use SPIN JSON:

In a script output parameter, you can so something like S(response)

That will convert your json into a SPIN json.

Then in expressions when you want to access the json you can do something like
${myJson.prop('status').value()} which would return "Review" based on your example.

See the link above for more details.

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