Evaluating decision tables spring boot app and Postman

I have a working example with spring boot.

Im looking to evaluate the decision table directly via postman.

What are the prerequisites for evaluating decision tables directly.

First up… my Pom has these two dependencies


Properties in application.yml look like

    id: admin
    password: admin
    firstName: Admin
    create: All tasks
  history-level: FULL

  port: 8088

My postman request looks like this

Tried both

My decision in the cockpit looks like this

Just wondering if I’m missing something?..

Hi @Rob_Davidson,

in spring-boot, the api listen to the url /rest.

so, http://localhost:8088/rest/decision-definition/dish:1:b95e3752-d78d-11e8-b8a4-029a327f680e/evaluate should be the one to go.

Cheers, Ingo

thanks that is the correct URL