Event Gateway cannot attach any subsequent event or task

Novice user.
I have added an Even driven gateway to a process.
The tool does not seem to allow me to connect the output to any other type of event or task.

What am I doing wrong?


An Event-based gateway in BPMN should only be able to connect to a number of catching intermediate events as well as a receive task. the modeler enforces this restriction.

Which events exactly are you trying to connect to?

I was trying to connect to some intermediate events I had placed in the
lane. However I got the ‘no connect’ symbol.

I think I have solved it by selecting from the icons available when I
actually click on the event gateway icon.

i.e. instead of trying to add a connector from the event gateway, I
selected the an intermediate event, and the connection was made

Is this the proper behaviour of the software?


You shouldn’t have a problem connecting an existing intermediate catch event to an event based gateway.
Can you share your BPMN file or post a screen shot of the symbols that you failed to connect?