Events from CMMN (human task) will be not catched by ProcessApplication


it is normal, that ProcessApplication catch only Events from BPMN (user Tasks) and not from CMMN (human taskts) ?
How can i handle task events from CMMN human Tasks using ProcessApplication implementation ?

my ProcessApplication implementation:

public class KreditProcessApplication extends EjbProcessApplication {

	private MailEngine mailEngine;
	KreditServiceClient kreditServiceClient;

	private Expression userId;

	public TaskListener getTaskListener() {

		return new TaskListener() {
			private Logger LOGGER = LoggerFactory.getLogger(KreditProcessApplication.class);

			public void notify(DelegateTask delegateTask) {
				try {					
					if (delegateTask.getEventName().equals("assignment")) {
				} catch (BpmMailException e) {

Cheers, Jamal