Every time the current server creates a new version

good morning, i’m starting this world of camunda and i don’t have much knowledge about the flow. In one of my streams is causing problems

Every time the server updates it creates a new version in Camunda
I have some processes that get stuck at the beginning of the flow and when I restart it goes, but it creates a new version

The default behavior is that a new model version get deployed upon startup if you have changed the bpmn file. If you don’t want this, you could change the configuration in


and deploy when needed in a different way. However, you may also want to investigate why the bpmn file is changed so frequently. If it remains unchanged the Camunda should not create a new deployment version.

Sorry what should I change in processes.xml?

Exactly I do not make any changes I just turn it off and on again and it already generates a new version

This explains how the Camunda process deployment and configuration works:

Further info:



Does this help? Can you share more information about your setup (spring boot, Wildfly, location and content of config files…)?