Excel to DMN Converter - Cell Format?

Hello! I’m trying to create a basic example using the Excel to DMN converter, and, no matter how I format the excel file, I’m getting the error that the cell content cannot be parsed. Could someone who has successfully used the tool provide an example of what the Excel worksheet should look like? This is what I have right now:


Thanks in advance!

Edit: I have realized that the Boolean in the excel file is what was triggering the cell content error. Is there a way for the converter to handle Booleans without treating them as strings?

I get the same error message. Do you have a solution for the problem in the meantime?

Hi there,

I discovered that the DMN converter doesn’t seem to work with Booleans. If you input the Boolean value as a string in the excel spreadsheet, the converter will work, and you can probably build a script to convert “True” and “False” strings to the corresponding Booleans within the XML representation of the DMN, but I could not find any other resolution.


I initially built the converter at https://github.com/camunda/camunda-dmn-xlsx as part of my slacktime at Camunda. However, I lack the time to develop it further. If you are interesting in becoming a contributor, please let me know.