Excel Upload - DMN - Camunda - pain points

Hi Team,

We replicated the excel upload at our end and is working fine.
Excel upload in camunda7 with plugin -camunda-modeler-excel-import-plugin
However there are few shortcomings as mentioned below, which will be a pain point for the business team in the long run , once the handover is done.

  1. While uploading the excel in DMN, one has to enter the below details manually.

  2. Name of each DMN

  3. Hit policy rule

  4. Number of output columns

When the DMN is downloaded, please check the feasibility of these variables being downloaded in excel sheet as well , so that while upload this is pre populated. In case of tree structured DMN (8-10) DMN, human error can occur.

  1. When the revised excel sheet is uploaded, all the tree structure /connections are lost. Only individual DMN’s are added in the DRD. One has to re-do, all the arrows and connections and re- test this again along with copy pasting the original Definition key in the new DMN’s. Once we go live , adding few rows can be done manually, but lets say we get a case where 50-100 rows needs to be added, then this redoing of the arrows every time , for the business might not work.

Attaching the sample DMN. Could you please check this if there is a way to achieve the above. Would also request you to post this in the community and check
Excel_Upload_F.dmn (4.9 KB)

Please suggest the approach to resolve this issue


Please feel free to create issue or issues on the plugin’s repo, so that your findings are not lost: Issues · pinussilvestrus/camunda-modeler-excel-import-plugin · GitHub

Note that as a community plugin it’s not supported by Camunda.

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