Exclusive gateway does not check condition

Hello, I have the following situation.
The exclusive gateway condition is based on a variable check.
At some point, the gateway does not go neither to the end event, nor to the timer intermediat event. It “jumps” to the next available service task.
Any ideea what might causing this behaviour?

Hi @Antonia_Ioana_Muntea,

it’s difficult to know as you show only a snippet of your process model.

It could be caused by the attached non-interrupting timer event or the attached error event.

Hope this helps, Ingo

Hi, @Ingo_Richtsmeier.
Thanks for the response.
I can specify one more detail: none of the timers or error events are triggered. The check in the gateway does “end” neither by triggering in in the end event, nor by triggering any timer.
I checked the flow in the database and the chronological order is gateway → service task, so no clue about the response of the gateway, which is checking the boolean value of a variable.