Execution stuck on the parallel gateway

Hi everyone,

My process execution is getting stuck on the parallel gateway even all the incoming tokens reached to the

gateway, execution in not proceeding further to the task after the gateway. Can someone explain why it’s getting stuck on the parallel gateway.

The second parallel split is confusing me. I think that what you’re trying to say with it is:

I would split that out into it’s own process, starting with a message start. Then put a message throw between the “Request CNTP” and the parallel join.

My guess is that Camunda is waiting at the parallel join for the token that went to “Approve CNTP”, which of course will never arrive.

@GotnOGuts most of my process instance execution is working fine only few process Instances is getting stuck on parallel gateway. If token that went for “Approve CNTP” which will never arrive then in that case execution should stuck for all the process instance.

Can you provide a screenshot of Optimize that shows where the tokens are for the instance when it’s stuck?

Hi @Akash_Verma

Try configuring a savepoint before the parallel join gateways (tick the checkbox “async before” of the join parallel gateways).