Exponential calculation in DMN table output

I have create a decision table and my use case is to take X as input and show the output as 1/(1+e^(-x)).
Is it possible to put in exponential expression like above one? I tried both FEEL and JUEL but didnt worked.

Javascript Math.E? maybe?


sorry , i am new to this. I tried the javascript but that didn’t worked. Please refer attached image and let me know if this is not the correct way to do so. thanks for your help.

The FEEL expression for



1 / ( 1 + exp(-x) )

exp is a built-in function for e ^ x. See https://camunda.github.io/feel-scala/feel-built-in-functions#exp

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I tried both JUEL and FEEL expression with
1 / ( 1 + exp(-x) )
imageNew and none worked…

finally i am able to do it via javascript Math.exp().

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