Export png from Cawemo under firefox not possible

Dear all,

I am trying to export a process flow as a png file from cawemo under firefox. It gives an empty picture.

Under Chrome and Edge it works perfectly.
How can I get it to work under firefox?


Thanks for letting me know - I’ll look into this.

I wasn’t able to replicate this myself and i know that it’s tested on the newest version of firefox, so perhaps your version of firefox is an older version.
Can you upload the model that you’re trying to download and i can give it a go - there good be a problem with the model itself.

new-bpmn-diagram.bpmn (2.1 KB)


I uploaded the png file and the bpmn file.

Attached. Very simple model.

I uploaded it to cawemo and was able to download a png without any problems using the most recent version of firefox

Is the version of firefox old? Do you have any strange plugins?


The only thing I have is an Add Blocker, uBlock installed.

I disabled it but it still does not work.

By the way this is fresh install of Firefox (last weekend) on a new laptop.

I will check today on an older version whether it works or not.