Export Run-time and Historic data by external BI

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We aim to export statistical information related to processes, including SLA, process status, and pending tasks, to an external database. This is intended for the purpose of generating external reports and dashboards. How can we gain access to this data for the creation of customized reports using Incorta for example?

Additionally, is it possible to export the business data associated with individual tasks?

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Hello @yasmeenhesham ,

this sounds like a perfect use case for Optimize.
Did you try this out already?

If Optimize is not an option for report and dashboard creation, it could still be used as data source as report result data can be retrieved via API: Export report result data | Camunda 8 Docs

I hope this helps


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Hello @jonathan.lukas ,

Thank you for your response.

Our current objective is to tailor our reports to meet specific requirements. Furthermore, we aim for these reports to be entirely under the control of the BI team (Incorta). Creating reports separately and relying on API exports poses a challenge, as any modifications requested in their reports would necessitate corresponding adjustments in the Camunda-created reports. To address this, we intend to provide the BI team direct access to the data source, empowering them to independently manage and customize the reports.

I hope this clarifies the situation.