Expression with conditions


Suppose I want to do the following:

if input > 0.5 then

I can use javascript to do the implememtation, as follows:

<outputEntry id="LiteralExpression" expressionLanguage="javascript"> 
      <text><![CDATA[if (input > 0.5) { "X" } else { "Y" }]]></text>

How can do the same using juel?

Hi @erzhuanzhou,
Try using conditional operator ${ input > 0.5 ? ‘X’ : ‘Y’}

Thanks for the help. I works for me.

The Camunda DMN engine uses different script languages in different places of a DMN table by default, it is important to be aware which language is used where:

Frankly, I find this less than ideal when explaining DMN to business people - although it is probably just fine if programmers maintain the DMN tables anyway who usually know the Java EL syntax.

I usually reconfigure the engine to use FEEL everywhere, and add the feel-scala extension for better support.

Can I used FEEL do the conditional expression?