Expression with list

I have a variable with a list of objects.
I’m trying to add a condition to be set if it has items:

${listHippaRequest.size() > 0}

Not sure why it’s not working and it’s still going to the default condition (nothing is set).
Any help?


This is just a guess, but perhaps you have to reference it using the “delegate” expression. That may be the incorrect term, nonetheless it might be something like:

${execution.getVariable(“listHippaRequest”).size() > 0}

Like I said, just a guess.

Hi Leonardo,

You really need to provide more information than something is not working. Without context, we cant ascertain if your expression even gets called.

Hence consider supplying a minimalist test case/process model so we can help diagnose…



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Sure. My bad this time it was my mistake. Sorry about that.