External forms on an external application

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I have a requirement to have an external application starting up a camunda process and passing it parameters when the process starts it should validate the parameters of the user and if they are not valid they should be redirected to another page where they can fix those parameters.

I understand that I can startup the process via rest API from the external app and pass parameters but how do I now validate and redirect that user to another screen without going though to camunda.


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It looks like the problem you are facing is something like this:

The thing is that the user needs to be able to work on a user task. What you will need is some kind of logic that redirects the user based on what happens after the exclusive gateway.

Easy way (only possible with Camunda 7): Execute the service task synchronously and check afterwards if there is an active user task. If so, send the user to the form where he can correct the data and submit towards the user task. Otherwise, redirect to success page.

Harder way (but also more user-friendly): Start the process and create a callback-hook. Register an execution listener at the outgoing sequence flow of the β€œyes” path that triggers the callback which can then redirect towards the success page. Register another task listener at create of user task that triggers the callback and redirects the user to the form where he can correct the data and submit again.

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This is our pprocess so after an incident is logged on an external system. The external system will do what it has to do and then it will have to come back to Close Job Card. Now what we need to do is send the task id on the first call for logging an incident so when they call close job card they can use that id with the rest api