External Process with synchronous feedback

I have developed a simple process that uses external task services to execute certain parts of the process. I have a mobile application which services as the frontend using the REST api for communication with Camunda. The issue is now I need some type of feedback to know when the process has ended and it what state it ended. ie. successful ended or ended with an error in the flow. I have been using the /process-instances/{id} endpoint to check if the instance is still there but this is not ideal. What is the best approach to go about doing this? is there an endpoint that I can may be poll to get this type of feedback?

Hi @dondragon2 ,

It looks like your question is about Camunda 7. If you wait until Tuesday next week, the Camunda Cloud and Camunda 7 forums will be merged, and you won’t have to repost this question at https://forum.camunda.org.

See here: We are merging the Camunda Cloud and Camunda Platform forums! - #2

Any insight as to how I can accomplish the above?

Hi @dondragon2,

you can check the history of the process instance you started with this REST API: Get Process Instance | docs.camunda.org

Check the content of the state. If it changed to COMPLETED your process has finished.

A real synchronous response is not possible, as the start of the process instance and the complete of the external service task happens on different systems.

Hope this helps, Ingo

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Thanks Ingo. Also, would you recommend polling this endpoint every few seconds to get the result or is there another way of doing this?