External task async-response, lock-duration , maxtask and backoffstrategy

Hi @Ingo_Richtsmeier\Camunda team,

I know there are couple of similar post but I just want to make sure and validate my understanding so please forgive me if it is repetitive questions.

I have created external worker and it uses topic to store all external task. I have client which is polling external task. I have following configurations so trying to understand camunda.bpm.client.async-response-timeout=30000 camunda.bpm.client.subscriptions.fourEyeCheckDecisionTopic.process-definition-key=TopicName camunda.bpm.client.subscriptions.fourEyeCheckDecisionTopic.lock-duration=120000 camunda.bpm.client.worker-id=cwaprocessworker camunda.bpm.client.max-tasks=10

async-response-timeout=30000 means it will suspend client request for 30sec if no external tasks are available

camunda.bpm.client.subscriptions.fourEyeCheckDecisionTopic.lock-duration=120000 this will do fetch and lock of no. of external task (max-tasks=10 given in above config) and process it so no other worker can process these tasks

I did not provide backoffStrategy but what i understood is if no external task available then it will suspend the client request for async-response-timeout, and it will wait for backoffstrategy time and then retry again to fetch and lock for task. If no backoffstategy provided then does it retry immediately or any default backoffstrategy time?

According to you what should be property configurations , like any % of time between these different configuration?

Thank you

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could you please respond to above query?

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please have a look above query.