External task for multiple process definition keys

  base-url: ${CAMUNDA_ENGINE:http://.../camunda-bpm/engine-rest}
  lock-duration: 10000
  disable-backoff-strategy: true
      variable-names: {}
      process-definition-key: {process1-test,process2-test}

Hi, an external task is used on two process-definitions. How can I set priority for the definitions. For example, if there is a processes on each definition, get the task from process1-test first

Hi @Ayshan_Rzayeva,

I think this is the page you are looking for: External Tasks | docs.camunda.org

In the modeler it is set here:

Hope this helps, Ingo

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I want priority for process definition instead of an external task. The external task is in 2 flows.
process-definition-key: {process1-test,process2-test}