External task ignores signal in subprocess

Hello colleagues,

I have an external task inside a subprocess and a signal.
My external task is not executed by any worker now but Camunda ignores the signal and doesn’t interrupt the subprocess.

Could you help me? Any suggestions how to make a workaround for that?



Can you explain how you’re triggering the signal?

I’m triggering it via REST API.

For example, when token of the same process is waiting in a timer and then signal comes, the process interrupts by signal as expected.

Super, that should work ok - can you show the details of the request you’re making and the response you’re getting?


‘result’ is a variable which mapped from output parameters of the service task


So, what can I do? Avoid using mappings?

You probably don’t need to use the mapping. the variables will be created automatically upon completing task.

I use mapping to make independent variable names of the process and variables returned by the External task.

The issue occurres when I disable my worker apps, so no any microservice gets my External task. Then I send a signal which I expect to finish the process but it causes an error in the mapping.

So, mappings are a useful feature to have a low coupling of variables but it sometimes causes such issues

I also found skipOutputMappingOnCanceledActivities engine configuration variable.

Can it help me in my case?

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That would make sense.
It would also makes sense to create the variables earlier in the process as a place holder than it wouldn’t matter too much.

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