External Task recent lock date-time

Hello, is it possible to get an External Task recent lock date-time via RestAPI?
NOT lockExpirationTime, BUT the date-time, when this task has been locked.

Hi @Mikhail.Savelov,

have a look at this REST endpoint: Get External Task Logs | docs.camunda.org.

The timestamp together with creationLog should give you the required information.

Hope this helps, Ingo

Sorry, I didn’t understand, how it should be working. I don’t need historic tasks, I want information about currently active tasks, in what moment of time worker locked it

H @Mikhail.Savelov,

the runtime data didn’t include the date of locking the task.

The date is saved in the historic data in the same transaction as the runtime data. They are available once the task is locked.

Hope this helps, Ingo