External Task suddenly hung up

Problem Description


we are currently using Camunda Platform 7 with Spring Boot in production and had today the issue that our External Task suddenly hung up and no further process instances could proceed the external task.

The problem could be resolved by restarting the External Task.

I am now trying to understand why the External Task hung up. Sadly there are no logs written that could be used to retrace the problem, neither in the External Task itself nor in the central process with which the bpmn is deployed.

External Task Config

    username: "username"
    password: "password"
  async-response-timeout: 10000
  worker-id: spring-boot-client
  back-off-init-time: 500
  back-off-factor: 2
  back-off-max-time: 60000
  lock-duration: 15000
  max-retry-timeout: 120000
  retry-timeout-init-time: 15000
  allowed-delay: 1000
  max-amount-of-tasks: 10


  • What are typical reasons for this behavior?
  • How can I prevent this behavior?
  • How can I make it be visible in my logs?

Thank you for any help!

Hi @dominic.fischer,

we had other users reporting similar issues. We are going to address this in the release 7.18 with this feature https://jira.camunda.com/browse/CAM-12233.

Have a look, we are happy to get your feedback.

Tobias (Product Management)