External User Task with Camunda 8

Hi everyone,

I am running Camunda 8 Self-Managed in my machine and I am analyzing some options to migrate their Camunda 7 to 8.

At the moment I am facing a problem with external user task. I cannot filter from Operate API or the Tasklist API the current User Task I have for a particular Process Instance Id. This is very odd for me, should be something basic or am I missing something?

The only think I can get from Tasklist API is a task by its id or a list of tasks, but none of the filters/outputs are process instance id, and the Operate API has no reference of user task.

Is there any thing I can do right now to accomplish this or this is a limitation from Camunda 8 right now?

Hi @kynkeniven,

It’s not possible at the moment. We’ll be working on this issue soon.
I’ll let you know here when it will be implemented.


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