Externalizing process defininition

I have a spring boot camunda process application. I want to externalize the BPMN definition and want to load the definition at the run-time. Something like… Storing the BPMN definition in GIT and my boot application has to read that from the Git and instantiate that. When ever there is a change the process definition, then I do not have to take the pain of redeploying the boot application.
Is there any way of doing that?


Hm. Camunda needs a deployed process to run, so your only option would be to automate that deployment.

If you do it on engine start, create an “ProcessApplicationStartedEvent”-Listener that does the following:

  1. Load the latest model from git and either store it as a tmp file or parse it to a ModelInstance
  2. use the repositoryService to create a deployment containing the model

Or expose the camunda rest api in your spring boot app and deploy via rest using a different component.

Hi @jangalinski,
Thanks you very much for the response. I will tryout that option and will post my observations.


Please can you share if you got any solution?