Externally Accessing Camunda 8 self managed environment

I setup a Self Managed > Docker Compose instance ( Docker Compose | Camunda 8 Docs on AWS EC2 Redhat 9.
I can see all the services are listening on respective ports using netstat
I have also setup the Security Rules in AWS to allow incoming traffic to the 80xx and 92xx and 26xxx ports from any origin IP on the internet.

Now I tried to access the tasklist (8082) from my laptop. The request always fails and gets redirected to localhost:18080.

I must be missing something basic. Like configuring Keycloak or some such.

Would greatly appreciate any pointers.

Hi @Rama_Mohan_Rao_Perur
Have you tried to allow incoming traffic to 18080?


I opened 22, 80, 443, 8080, 8081, 8082, 8083, 9200, 26500, 18080

  1. I launched tried http://[hostname]:8082
    Got redirected to localhost:18080/auth/realms/camunda-platform/protocol/
  2. I replaced localhost with [hostname] in the URL and this time, I got an error message
    " We are sorry… HTTPS required"
  3. I replaced http with https: and this time I get an error https is not configured
    " The connection for this site is not secure" ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR"