Extracting data from zeebe broker for custom tasklist application

I was trying to create a new tasklist application using ReactJs , Nestjs and graphql.

I am running zeebe broker in local environment, I have also added elastic search exporter.

I am now unsure how to proceed. I need to find a way to call apis exposed by zeebe broker to get data required for tasklist page. Can anyone tell me how can I run my graphql queries to get data from zeebe broker.

Hello @shreyasUnhale

The very short answer is that the Zeebe broker does not have an API for that. It can only export data via exporters - fx using the Elasticsearch exporter or a Hazelcast exporter. If you look at the Camunda 8 tasklist application, it’s the tasklist application itself that exposes an API for the UI - it’s not the Zeebe broker.

There are several topics in the forum that you might find helpful:


Hi @mimaom

So I am running both zeebe broker and elastic search via bat files. Both zeebe broker and elastic search are running fine. I tried to integrate tasklist application provided on git and I was successful. I was able to see complete claim tasks from that application. Now I want to create my own tasklist application so that it can read data from broker and display the required information. I am new to Camunda 8 or zeebe so I am not able to understand how can I connect my custom tasklist page with our broker.

Hi @shreyasUnhale

I assume you mean the Camunda task list application… the Camunda task list application provides both a UI and the API used by the UI to get process data (processes, tasks etc).

So if you want to create your own custom task list (that will eventually run in a production environment) you also need to find a way to access the process data.

You cannot just use the API of the Camunda task list application (and implement your own UI that uses the task list API) in a production environment, because that would require a Camunda license. Only the Zeebe broker is open source.

So you need to provide your own API also - and that is being discussed in the links I provided.

Hope that makes sense.


Thanks for your help. I understand where I was lacking. Is there any way I can do this without purchasing any softwares?