Extracting diagram name

I’m working on a plugin for the modeler and I need name or filepath of current diagram. Is it possible to somehow obtain it in the plugin, preferably either in ClientExtension or BpmnJSPlugin?

Hi @mpawlowski
For questions about the modeler or bpmn.io stuff in general are better asked on the bpmn.io forum. :slight_smile:

I’d recommend to have a look at the ‘app.activeTabChanged’ event. Might not be the best approach but it will give you lots of information.

A similar example can be found here: camunda-modeler-autosave-plugin/AutoSavePlugin.js at main · pinussilvestrus/camunda-modeler-autosave-plugin · GitHub

And behind the scenes:

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Good to know, thanks.

Thanks a lot, that’s exactly what I needed.