Failed to create deployments by rest call in spring boot integration

The error message is :

No deployment resources contained in the form upload.

But when i debug server code, i found all uploaded resources already in list

After dig into MultipartPayloadProvider, i found it just read multipart from inputSteam object while ignore the

Any body hit same issue, i am using camunda 7.6 and spring boot 1.4.0 (embed tomcat version is 8.5.4)

finally i got this reason, it is not about tomcat version ,but about spring default multipart resolver, we had to disable spring boot multipart by manner:



Otherwise the requst body will be parsed first by spring default multipart resolver. (MultipartPayloadProvider will parse empty inputSteam)

But this workaround still not good enough, maybe it is better to enhance MultipartPayloadProvider not only read form parts from inputstream, could read as well which already be there (parsed by spring boot multipart resolver)

Feel free to improve the code and raise a pull request at