Feature Request: Cockpit to use Get Instances (POST) for doing searching of process instances (Example variables)

Currently the cockpit uses GET process-instance for doing filters on process instance data. This creates lots of limitations in what variables names are supported in search (and seems to be a little “flaky”).

Would be very useful is cockpit was updated to using GET Instances (POST).

Hi @StephenOTT,

the Cockpit has several places where process instances can be searched and filtered. Which specific filter do you mean?

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Cockpit: Viewing listing of process instances. You can Run a filter to find process instances with specific variables.

Sorry, I am still not sure which page you refer to. The listing of process instances on the process definition page is done via POST request, as is the search for process instances on the processes dashboard.

Do you have a link to the documentation where the feature is described?


Okay so possibly the issue is how the query is stored in the searchQuery parameter on the process-definition page.


consider a process variable with the name _myVar or #myVar or $myVar. When you apply a process variable criteria in the cockpit’s (7.6) process-definition page, the filter is not applied correctly, and you get no responses. If you apply the same query directly in a HTTP POST request, you get the desired search results.


I see. The URL that you see in the browsers address bar when filtering is independent from the query we send to the engine to get the results. It’s there so you can bookmark the page with the query or send it to a colleague. However, if that creates problems in certain scenarios, we need to fix it. Thanks for reporting!

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Is the URL where you store the data/fields to be used in the POST?

In my tests you can recreate the issue very easily:

Create a process instance with two variables:

  1. myVar = “dog”
  2. _myVar = “cat”

Then create a filter that is _myVar = cat, and it should return no results.