Feedback: Add patch level / version marker to documentation

Hi everyone,

since I stumbled upon this problem just today, I would like to suggest the addition of patch level or more specific version marker to pages in the documentation.
Case in point: Custom Date Format |
which is a feature that is only available in 7.4.2+, but there is not even the smallest hint to this on the documentation page for version 7.4.

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Hi Marcus,

you are probably right that this could be documented in a better way. Feel free to open a CAM issue for this in Jira.

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I’d like to know if this is a common problem.

To everyone who reads this: If you use the Community Edition and have encountered this problem before, please let us know :slight_smile: . Ideally, you provide a link to the docs section.


If a new feature is being added or a feature os being significantly changed, having a note that says “feature introduced as of 7.4.2” would be very nice to have.

Additionally having the docs have a “last updated” date at the bottom or top would be great. The Github repo docs are updated often, but the published docs on the are not instantly updated.