Fetch all tasks within a process

I am using camunda java api 7.14.0 , say that i have the following process

I want to show all user tasks to some widget manager service which is supposed to make form for my user tasks , I tried to fetch all 3 user tasks without instantiating the process but I couldn’t then I tried to instantiate the process but I only managed to fetch just one task which should be done .
is there any way to fetch all user tasks within the process without fulfilling all of them?

I tried HistoryService and TaskService but I just managed to fetch just one (which is the first) user task ,

Hi @Masood_Moghini,

This is expected response. Engine returns active tasks via taskservice api and active/completed tasks via historyservice.

If you want to access all the usertask model instance without starting the process then you need to fetch the deployed process using Repositoryservice and parse the bpmn model instance to extract the user task activities from the process.


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