Few general questions

I’ m completly new in Camunda and I want to ask few questions.

  1. How can we save database connections and after that use it? (I mean different databases for getting informations). Should I use always Java or it’s possible get this information just using Modeler?

It is interesting, because an user who doesn’t know programm languages, but know the structure of database can select information and build proccesses regarding this data.

  1. What about mail notifications?
    Should I write class for it or it is in Camunda.

You could avoid writing Java classes by means of writing scripts, e. g. in a script task in modeler. You could use Groovy, for instance.

In your Groovy script you might be able to set up a pooled database connection and query with Sql. I haven’t tested that myself, though, not exactly my cup of tea :wink:

For mail there is a community extension https://github.com/camunda/camunda-bpm-mail#install