Ffmpeg.dll is not found - can not start the modeler

Hi all,
I downloaded the current version 4.11.1 of the modeler. After extracting the corresponding zip-folder I started CamundaModeler.exe.

After that I got the error message, that the file ffmpeg.dll is not found. Although the file is in the zip folder.

I use a Windows 10 system.

Has anyone a solution for the problem??


There could be a lot of reasons for this Ffmpeg.dll file missing error. but there is also the solution, you can perform these methods to resolve it then too you aren’t able to solve the error, you can see Ffmpeg.dll file missing error solution.
Method1: This is a universal and funny one. “Restart your system”.
Method2: Run a virus scan. (perform a virus scan to see that do virus is affecting the FFmpeg file).
Method3: maybe the last but not least is “reinstall the application”( but this time re-download zip file again ").

i hope this will help you to solve the error

Thanks for your reply.
I tried all 3 methods you mentioned, but the dll file ist still not found