Filtering workflow instances


I’m exploring Zeebe and I noticed that when I run a large number of workflow instances it is very hard to find specific ones by specific input data (variable). It would be also nice if there would be capability for automatic grouping of workflow instances. e.g. when I create workflow instance I can set variable value (I saw that I can do this now) or I can “tag” workflow instance. Later in monitoring tool (simple-monitor or operate) I can filter displayed metrics and grids by specific variable value or “tag”.

Is this possible now, if yes, can you please share steps with me?

Thank you


Hi @dbosec, you can do this by adding something to the workflow variables when you create the instance like:

    "tag": "red"

Then in Operate you click on Filters, then under “Flow Node”, where it says “variable” “value”, put it there.

_Note that I started this instance from Simple Monitor, so it literally interpreted the quote marks in the initial variables. I thought it was parsed as JSON or JavaScript, but it isn’t, so it found nothing when I used red without quotes.


Hi @jwulf,

Thank you for replying

We were using Operate 1.0.0-RC3 where this option is not available, now we have moved to Operate 1.0.0-alpha10 and we see mentioned option. This option is what we were looking for, it shows us only tagged/grouped instances. Is there a way that we can do the same thing on the dashboard page, filter metrics by variable values?

Not at the moment. Filtering on the dashboard is not a thing yet.

You can save your filters as bookmarks, as the filter is encoded in the URL. That’s about it for now.

Saving filters is a feature planned for later.