First of two timer events doesn't work

Hi all. In my model the first of the two timer elements does not work… with “Release Order (Level 1)” the workflow is not automatically forwarded to Mail Notification after 1 minute… on the other hand, with the next task “Release Order (Level 2)” it works, and the workflow goes on to “Mail Notification” after 1 min. waiting time.
Can someone explain me why it doesn’t work with the timer on the first user task?
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
order_release.bpmn (16.7 KB)

Hi @Guddy

Can you explain a little more about what’s going wrong?
Does the timer not fire at all or does it fire at the wrong time?

Hi. The first timer (duration) doesn‘t fire at all…. The second works fine…

Hi @Guddy,

as a side note, I noticed that you ticked async before and async after for your user tasks. (user task is a wait state). Configuring savepoint before the user task is considered as a bad practice.

Hi @Guddy,

And please make sure that conditional event attached to the 1st user task doesn’t get triggered on instantiation of the task.

Thank’s :slight_smile: