Flow only with DMN


In a process flow, I have a call Activiy , which is represented in separated BPMN file. In that BPMN file there are only two Business task ( includes Start and End event) . No flow is from those Business task .

In Main process, flow is continuing after the Call Activity


Kindly find the attached diagram and let me know whether this is correct or not.

Hey @santhosh,

In your upper process you end the process with an intermediate event. From the syntax that isn’t correct. If you end a process you should use an end event.

The underprocess is syntactly o.k. But I am not sure if you want two Tokens arriving at the end event? If not it would be better to use the parallel gateway again to synchronize the Tokens.

I hope this helps

  • Cheers

Thank u @Nele .

In the Upper process, i mentioned intermediate event instead of ‘Terminate End Event’, it was my mistake.

Underprocess i will change the convergence gateway as Parallel gateway as u said.