Fluent API

We generated BPM using the fluent API code as described in https://github.com/camunda/camunda-bpm-examples/tree/master/bpmn-model-api/generate-process-fluent-api

The BPMN generated is attached but has many overlapping elements.
I would like to create swim lanes and have the modeller render the diagram correctly in order to use the fluent api approach with confidence.

Has anyone attempted to use the fluent API?

Are there any recipes to avoid overlapping elements?

Will Camunda Team improve this feature?

Does the enterprise version improve on this feature?

camunda_invoice_fluent.bpmn (11.0 KB)

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The fluent builder API is for simple processes and the generation of the diagram sometimes contains overlapping elements.
About recommendations to avoid overlapping elements, please check the documentation:
Unfortunately I don’t see how to avoid the overlapping in the provided example.
Currently we don’t plan to improve the generation of diagram.