Form Builder with Zeebe


I am new to Zeebe. We are evaluating it to see if it will fit our usecase.

  • Does Zeebe have embedded forms? If yes, is there a formbuilder to design?

  • If not, How easy is it to integrate Zeebe with or orbeon?

I saw some online discussions about camunda integration with but nothing about Zeebe


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Hi @lachu,

welcome to Zeebe :balloon:

Currently, Zeebe doesn’t support user tasks - in a way you might know from Camunda BPM 7. Zeebe has the concept of job workers. In your workflow, you model every task as service task and connect your applications for a specific type of tasks.

For example, you can define a task of type “user” and set properties like “formKey”. So, you can build a tasklist based on You can have a look at the community project Zeebe Simple Tasklist.

I don’t know but I think that you could use the Node.js client to interact with Zeebe.

Does this help you?

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