Form date field not working properly


i run into an issue with the date field in a form. When i am starting the task, the date field appears but i can’t save any entered value. If i set the field on required, i can’t complete the task, no matter of the input in the field. Also, the datepicker popup does not appear, like in the preview of the Modeler. The other input fields seem to work.

I am using Camunda 7 as Spring-boot application.
Camunda run 7.21.0
Camunda Modeler 5.23.0

GitHub: GitHub - tzmn27/Thesis: Camunda workflow which stores data in Strapi CMS

Hi @ThomasZ
It would be helpful if you could share the reproduction on GitHub.


@Alex_Voloshyn i added the link

The application code assumes that a user has the “http://localhost:1337/api/” service running which is not the case. Could you mock it with something so it can be run on any machine?

I edited the code. Now after you start the process “Thesis” the form appears directly.

Looks like a defect to me. I would report to Camunda team via Github.