Form Failure

i am not using camunda platform for deploy , i am using spring boot application for deploy my program but when i start a process then this error shown

Form failure: The context path is either empty or not defined.

my html form is inside src/main/webapp folder and form key is embedded:app:task-form.html


in spring-boot, you should place the forms under src/main/resources/static.

Thats the spring-boot path for static web resources.

Hope this helps, Ingo

i tried but same error occur
for fetching i have to add any dependency ???
my bpmn file in src/main/resources folder and html form in src/main/resources/static folder .

my form is working properly with two fields name and value

and my bpmn file is

But parallel multi instance take input as a collection but i am creating a user by html form and at a time only one user can be created
then what is the value for collection and element variable in parallel multi instance and how can i create multiple user for this at a time

any solution ???


save the users in a variable of collection type and reference this variable with as an expression (maybe ${userList}) in the Collection Field of the modeler:

Hope this helps, Ingo