Form field default value strange behaviour

Hi everyone,

I have a form with field of type string where I set the default value to be ${myStringVariable}. Using camunda REST API when I get form fields I get a defaultValue: myStringVariable and as a value I get the actual value of the variable. Can someone explain why this is happening? Has anyone had this issue?

Thanks in advance

@JuLog you are using ? (or the Task Form equivalent)

No, at first I used REST which was in task section. I cannot find it now, but it was either rest/task/form-fields or rest/task/fields. It returned this object

“businessKey”: false,
“id”: “field1”,
“label”: “field”,
“type”: {
“name”: “string”
“defaultValue”: “myVariableName”,
“value”: {
“value”: “Here goes variable value”,
“type”: {
“name”: “string”,
“javaType”: “java.lang.String”,
“primitiveValueType”: true,
“abstract”: false,
“parent”: null
“validationConstraints”: [

    "typeName": "string"


You need to get the rendered form as that has the expressions evaluated.